Charcteristics of leather

Leather is a natural material and therefore inconsistency of colour and texture is a unique characteristic. Leather is designed to age with wear, and may fade and soften over time. Light colour leather is pronce to absorbing other dye stuffs it comes into contact with, so please take care when wearing items like denim with a light coloured clip.

Care Tips - to keep your leather products looking their best, please follow the steps below.

1. Protection
All leather should be protected before wearing. A good protector should be applied regularly to help resist the effects of daily soiling. Remember to cover embellishments such as metal and beading when spraying the protector. Spraying with the protector will help to prevent light colour leathers absorbing unstable dye stuffs as denim, but this is not guaranteed by Shoe Bling™.

2. Cleaning
Most leather can be cleaned but it is important to find the correct cleaner for your leather item. Shoe Bling™ do not sell any leather cleaners, so please visit your local shoe repairer to find the most suitable product. Always test it first and remember to protect your item again after cleaning.

3. Conditioning
Leather conditioners/gels are only meant for occasional use. They contain fats or oils that help to lubricate the leather and replenish the suppleness. Please test it first on an inconspicuous part of the leather before applying.

4. Polishing
Polishing is a great way to remove fingerprints and dust from your leather items, particularly high shine leathers such as patent.

5. Storing
We recommend storing your leather items in the Shoe Bling™ box when not in use. Never store any leather items in plastic as they cannot breathe and always store them in a cool, dry place away from heat.


Our embellished clips have been lovingly crafted using mixed metals, beads, semi precious stones, chain and other embellishments. You will sometimes notice inconsistencies in the colour, size and pattern of the beads which is our intention. Most of jewellery components are put together by hand. Please take care when wearing, as our beautiful pieces are very delicate. If they are dropped, stones may fall out, embellishments may break and we cannot take responsibility for any breakages that occur through rough handling. Please store your embelished clips in the Shoe Bling™ box when they are not being worn.